The Art of Public Speaking

The Art of Public Speaking is not easy, but people who speak effectively are likely to become successful leaders. We have some solid examples to prove this point. Political heads of countries, businessmen, the way they communicate with the crowd, taking the stage and becoming the man to speak to thousands. Open Apple’s product launch or our prime minister’s speech. Really you will see how pleasing personality they are that urges the audience to listen to them. 

Why The Art of Public Speaking is Important?

The Art of Public Speaking pays off well. It is the wisest investment of time and money. Studies reveal that public speaking contributes to 80 percent of success in your life. Not everyone is gifted with this art, but they can easily learn and master this by keeping in mind certain points.

Points to remember in the Art of Public Speaking

First, preparation and delivery are the lifelines of a speech and as a speaker, you must:-

  • Pick the right subject and believe in what you are trying to speak.
  • Speech falls normally into three parts:- the approach, facts, and conclusion. You must know how to start and end a speech the rest blends in naturally.
  • Practice, practice, and practice always rehearse your speech in private before you deliver it to your audience.
  • While speaking in public keep in mind it all depends on your communication, how you communicate makes all the difference. A flat tone which falls on the ears will just sound plain so your voice should rise and fall. This will add an element to your speech.
  • Never hurry while you speak, settle your self. Begin with a smile and interest your audience about what you say. First few minutes will decide your fate which is audiences attention. While speaking always think clearly, speak plainly and mean what you say. Don’t forget to breathe. Success in public speaking is 50 percent showmanship and 50 percent message.
  • Maintain eye contact with the audience, seek out the friendly faces and ignore the rest. Take care of the front rows. 
  • It’s tested, start with a light-hearted story of some happening or about some person, this makes the beginning effective. Infuse some humor as well this will relax you and your audience.
  • The spoken language is completely different from the written language. Take a pause, stop for a short time this would give you and your cisterns some time to breathe. Keep your speech simple, don’t cram into it.
  • And your last trick should be this, “keep the audience always wanting for more”.

The conclusion to the Art of Public Speaking –

These were few tips and tricks which would only help you if you put them into practice. The more you practice the perfect you would become. Go up the stage own it, cast your spell, make the moment yours, pump in adrenaline and speak being fearless. 

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