Stagnation Of Engineering Education In India

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon that you could use to change the world.” Rightly explained in his words, for years now, education has been helping every one of us to bring a change and make a better world.

The vast areas of learning have not only created brighter minds, but also introduced a lot of new careers such as engineering, architecture, designing, or even MBBS. The 20th century had a vast variety of engineers, emerging in every corner of the world.

Even the starting of the 21st century saw many aspirants moving to other places, such as Kota, in order to crack IIT or other exams and become a top-class engineer. Engineering was once trending but the latest ratio has seen the passion of people declining in pace, towards it.

If we talk about today’s scenario, almost five thousand students are fighting for one seat in IIT, and the one who gets that seat is yet not sure if he will end up with a job.

So, the current problem is that the world is creating many engineering guarantees to provide them employment is very less. This is more of a surprise in a country like India that manufactures the most engineers throughout the world and has institutes like IIT and IIM.

This has created a huge employment gap that is hard to fill. And to worsen the situation, the All India Council for Technical Education has closed down 150 engineering colleges, dragging the future of engineers into question. Clearly, we need a solution to this situation.

The first thing we need to understand is that this is not the 90s. The demands of 2000 are different and thus we need to mold the education system according to it. Theoretical knowledge has always been given preference. But the world now needs more practical people. Therefore, Educators need to start giving it equal preference because bookish knowledge is good, but it is only good when one knows how to practice it. So, we need to make practical knowledge a priority too.

Secondly, there is a huge mismatch in the skills and requirements. The current generation education needs to understand that Engineering is not only limited to IT and Computers. The software institutes now need employees that are skilled in all domains. So, we need to create an education system which provides an umbrella to all the other skills of a student and shapes them accordingly. This will increase placement opportunities.

The changing world demands changed occupations. And if we need to cope up with this pacing scenario, we need to make sure we are also updated as per the requirement of the time. The employment gap is there but also is the opportunity to fill it. So, let’s pledge to create a better education system and similarly, better engineers.

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