SSC HSC Student Alert: Why Is Career Choice Important?

This article talks about why a career choice is important for SSC and HSC students and how they can build it. Those who are confused with the title, let us start the article by understanding what is SSC and HSC. In a layman term, SSC stands for Secondary School Certificate. An exam conducted by the state boards in India at the end 10th standard across all schools affiliated to boards. HSC stands for Higher Secondary School Certificate. It is conducted at the end of the 12th standard by the state boards which makes students eligible for graduation courses.

Now, whether you are an SSC student or an HSC student, the choice of the stream that you further take can give a new and fresh direction to your life. Your stream determines your future preference so you need to ensure to make a smart choice related to it. The idea of choosing a stream in itself is very smart. It not only provides a direction to your career, but it also lessens the burden of a student. Imagine if you had to study all the core subjects even after 12th? Of course, the burden would have been too much for any student, to handle. So, choosing a stream provides you an opportunity to lessen the burden and study the subjects that truly align with your interest.

But to know where your interest lies, you need to first know your priorities. Constantly ask yourself, ‘What do I want to do further?’ Try to know your area of interest, your strong subjects, career choices available in them, and flexibility provided. Only after doing full proof research can you settle for the right stream.

Talking about opportunity, there is plenty of it in any stream. So whether you choose Science, Commerce, or Humanities, you will eventually end up finding employment. But you need to know where your interest lies because nobody wants to do a job that only pays money but no interest. So, give your skills and interest a priority. Talk to career counselors, who are now also available on coaching aggregating sites online.

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A stream gives direction to your career. Do proper research and settle for the one that will best define you. All the best!

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