Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

Some professions are considered evergreen. They will always be in the run no matter what mushrooms up. Like doctors can’t be replaced and neither are teachers. The world may switch to tablets from books, but the substitute for a teacher is impossible to find.

A good teacher is like a Potter and a student is like clay. A teacher shapes our lives. We learn our first alphabets and digits under their guidance. Their presence is felt in every step we take. Their incalculable effort and dedication that they put in every student. Gives them a place equal to god, “guru-deva”. Born in the only country which celebrates their contribution. As we have grown up listening to stories of Eklawaya and Dronacharya places this profession above all.

To be able to teach all you need is a B.ed. degree. Which you can now enroll in, just after passing your 12th standard. The government has rolled out a new integrated program of four years. Upon its competition, you would be eligible to work as a teacher. B.ed. is the minimum qualification required to start a pre-decided career path as a teacher. The government has shifted its focus in producing quality teachers who would guide the students. Demand for good and eligible teachers have increased and the government has taken this issue seriously. To place quality teachers and take care of their work environment.

Teaching is a never-ending process. You can start your own coaching center or get into an institution or become an online tutor. The finest queen of the world Queen Elizabeth. Her tutor transformed her from being a princess to becoming a queen. He presented her to the world like a queen. The result of which is that today the world knows her as”a queen who ruled better than any other king”. Such is the power of a teacher.

You can head start your career while earning a degree by giving private tuitions. And once you have got your degree plethora of opportunities will be waiting for you. With easy working hours and many holidays, makes it more likable among all professions. The magnitude of your service as a teacher will never lose its ride. As the saying goes, “there’s always some room for learning”.

After becoming a teacher you feel like doing your own coaching or start an institute of your own. What you can do is register with a coaching center aggregator websites like Mapaguru and list your institute online and never stay close to your potential students.

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