MSG91 – Messaging Platform for every Startup


Communication is a root to every business. The more you communicate, the more you connect. MSG91 is a bulk messaging service provider for the enterprises offering a variety of services and features.

It is the smoothest and the easiest way to help you connect your business with your consumer. Some of its most highlighted features are:

  1. Send OTP (one time password) provides two-factor authentication service in your website or application.
  2. Transactional SMS solutions which deliver urgent information to people.
  3. Promotional SMS services for promotion and marketing.
  4. Robust powerful APIs lets you send SMS without even logging in the Msg91 panel.

The first and most important thing which MSG91 claims. Is best in class delivery. As they have the retry system implemented.

Every number that is out of network for any reason and which has failed to deliver. Will be attempted by two more operators.

This improves the delivery ratio and they do not charge you for the retry attempts. Mapaguru is thankful to MSG91 for its brilliant features as it has not only made our work easier but also made us connect with more students.

With the help of MSG91, one time passwords are easily managed, accounts are verified more conveniently and there has been a hike in students registering with us. It is an elegant and very flexible platform.

Short URL: Trackable URLs, to track the users who click on your URL and visit your website or store. You can use this data to contact the users who are interested in your product.


  • Easy to use, plug-in, send messages directly from your excel sheet.
  • Simplified user panel, easy to use and reporting system.
  • Application Programming Interface which in general terms, it is a set of clearly defined methods of communication among various components or systems.

As we know that in today’s modern era of technology everything is digital and computer-based so to remain in the competition you should be up to date and fast too.

MSG91 is an instant messaging technology which will boost your services and business.

Thank you, MSG91 for your supporting role in our business.