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Here is a list of questions on MPPSC Prelims Examinations on Environment, which can help you build your knowledge on the following topics mentioned below. The questions on the general science and environment will cover general appreciation and understanding of science in matters of everyday observation and experience as may be expected from a well-educated person who has not made a special study of any particular scientific nature.

The first step to enter in MPPSC is the prelims exam so you have to be very careful, serious and focused while preparing for the MPPSC Prelims Exam. It consists of two papers
Paper 1 for General Studies it is of 200 marks having 100 questions each having 2 marks with no negative marking. This is the scoring paper of the prelims exam for mains this is the only paper on its basis you will get selection in mains.
You can divide it into 3 parts First Special: approx 20 question comes out 0f 100, you are giving exam for MP state psc then your knowledge about your state should be very much strong. The second part is Current Affairs: at least 10 questions come from current affairs, The national issues which are currently running in our country you have to knowledge about that, for this read 2 newspapers at least. give at least 2 hours to newspaper reading for current affairs news. By this, your mains exam preparation will be done.
The third part is Acts (SC/ST, HR, CR): These are 3 acts added by the MPPSC board in the syllabus you should have deep knowledge about SC/ST Act, Human Rights Protection Act, Civil Rights Protection Act. Easily 10 questions will be covered by this acts section.
So the 40 marks will be covered by these 3 topics MP, Current and Acts. You can crack prelims easily by preparing these three topics so strongly. Remaining 60% will be covered by other subjects like science, history, geography, etc.

Paper 2 for General Aptitude it is of 200 marks having 100 questions each having 2 marks with no negative marking. It is the qualifying paper you need to score 40% marks in it to qualify and it can be easily done.

List of Prelims Mains Preparation Questions(PMPQ) on Environment

PMPQ: How thermal power plant is detrimental to the environment?

PMPQ: What is E-Waste? Discuss it’s Impact on Environment & Health

PMPQ: What is 4 R’s principle for waste reduction?

PMPQ: Mention the importance and relevance of Agroecology in details

PMPQ: Despite having large biodiversity in the equatorial region. Lumbering and livestock farming is still difficult. Comment

PMPQ: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

PMPQ: Urban Environment Management

PMPQ: Highlight the Economics of Climate Change

PMPQ: What are Soil Health Cards?

PMPQ: What are the implications of global warming?

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