MPPSC Exam Prelims(Q&A) – Why Lumbering & Livestock Farming Difficult in the Equatorial Region

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Despite having large biodiversity in the equatorial region, lumbering and livestock farming is still difficult. Comment.

The biodiversity available in the equatorial region is highly unmatched and is one of the richest areas in terms of quantity and has different types of flora and fauna. Livestock farming is not easy because of the absence of meadow grass even on the highland.

The other issue is of extraction and transportation. But this potential is difficult to translate into commercial extraction as a lack of pure strands as compared to the taiga region. The density of forest does not allow the laying down of road infrastructure.

Equally the livestock farming is also difficult. The bullocks and buffalos are used for burden. Every inch is filled with different kinds of trees. That is why the yield provided by livestock farming is lower than the temperate cattle’s. These are the reasons why the equatorial region still has difficulty in lumbering and livestock farming.

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