How to improve your memory

To improve your memory you need to dig deeper on how your brain functions. The ability to remember is important in any kind of work you do. When you do something it leaves a psychological change in the brain structure, this phenomenon is called memory trace.

Delaying the process

One cause of forgetting is due to a decrease in memory traces with the passage of time. And to delay this process one must revise what he has learned.

Why do we forget in spite of our wanting to remember?

This is often due to mental conflict. For instance, we may easily forget a memory which conflicts with our self-esteem. We normally like to push aside experiences of humiliation but would like to remember our successes.

Another source of mental conflict is the fear of failure. It makes the person who doubts his ability to work against himself producing his failure.

Memory is largely a matter of attention and concentration. If an impression is clearly made by careful observation, it will not be so easily erased.

The depth of the impression

In order to impress anything upon the mind, it is necessary to observe closely. The depth of impression depends upon the interest evinced in and degree of understanding.

How to improve your memory

How to improve your learning?

You can improve your learning by observing the following methods of learning.

1 Revise what you learn as soon as possible.

2 Observe closely and accurately.

3 Be interested in what you are trying to learn.

4 Make sure that you understand it properly.

5 Spread your learning over shorter periods rather than learning it in a single go.

6 Lastly, have confidence in your ability to remember what you want to learn.

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