How to Become a Successful Leader

To become a successful leader not everyone is born with leadership qualities. We get to that pretty much early in life when you are the class monitor and don’t know how to handle the circus your classmates are making. But, we can’t simply accept the fact and move on doing nothing about it. Leadership quality is a vital trait which by hook or crook has to be in your system, here are some simple tips at your rescue.

Set  the right attitude
The attitude of a successful leader is always wholesome. You should have a constructive approach to things and be optimistic.

Start by being credible
Bring credible means in a simple language you should be trustworthy, your team members should feel and believe they could confide in you.

Set an example
Become a model, not a critic. You should set an example of what you expect from others. People always want a role model and look up to them for inspiration.

The plan of action
A leader sets a goal for everyone, then plans on the steps needed to achieve the goal, this plan needs to be practical and right in perspective.

Whatever the leader thinks and speaks should have clarity and should be clear in every aspect.

Go with the team
A successful leader is one follows and pursues the goals commonly accepted by the team rather than putting his heavy hand down making them do something they didn’t agree for.

Communication is the key
You must be able to communicate fluently in all levels if not then the end result may lead to total chaos.

Well organised in thought and action
Nothing should be haphazard. You should think precisely, act timely and wisely.

Creating a sense of participation
You must make each member feel he/she is an essential part of the organisation. They should feel they are working WITH the leader not FOR the leader.

You should be available and accessible for any of your team members to reach and speak to whenever the need arises, this creates confidence in them that you can solve any problem, be it personal or impersonal. This too gives feeling care and shows the responsibility of a leader towards his teammates.

With power comes great responsibility, a leader takes the blame of failure and gives the credit of success to his team. Open any of the post-match interviews of Indian cricket team you’ll see how the captains protect their team at times of crises and how selflessly they give the spotlight to the team after a win.

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Being a leader is not easy, but we all play the role of a leader in some part of our daily lives which to some goes unnoticed. It’s just a matter of a few steps you need to climb to be confident and capable enough to lead a team.

Remember a successful leader loves than hates, thinks of others welfare before their own. All the Best!

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