Getting into the Aviation Industry

Earn – Travel – Repeat
“Earn-Travel-Repeat” are the three golden words, and it’s a dream for everyone today. Well, there is good news now you can make this dream come true. If you want to earn and travel simultaneously then the aviation industry is your ticket to grab.

For youth who want something different than being an engineer or doctor, or for the youth who are yet to figure out what they want can give a shot at this. The requirements of this industry are very humble and you can try your luck after you complete your higher secondary education.

The industry offers a wide array of jobs. The civil aviation industry in India has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in the country during the last three years. India is currently considered the third largest domestic civil aviation market in the world. India has become the third largest domestic aviation market in the world and is expected to overtake the UK to become the third largest air passenger market by 2024.

Finding a job in the aviation industry gets easier as in every step human staff is required. As soon as you’ll step in you will need some assistance, and the ground staff of various airlines comes in the picture they will assist you till you see seated in the craft. Then comes the flying crew including air hostess/ Stewarts and pilots. After these there are is another body operating, airport authority which has separate recruitment.
The industry being versatile in nature has jobs for the 12th pass to postgraduates, from every possible field.

Aviation industry literally opens new horizons for you to explore. What makes it more difficult to ignore is the incentives it provides. And what makes it difficult to choose is lows it has from time to time but that is what every commercial sector experiences. While choosing a career one must recall what his Mondays should be like and you like soaring in the sky and landing on foreign lands or being on hot on heels taking charge of management then aviation industry is your call.

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