A Career in Architecture

How to Build a Career in Architecture? to know this we need to update our knowledge about Architecture what exactly it is and its importance in our society.

The ‘brains’ behind the structure of society is an Architect. In concrete terms, a cluster of houses makes a society and for a society to come into existence it needs someone to plan it out.

Architects are the ‘brains’ behind the structure of society. They conceive a plan and develop designs for the construction and renovation of buildings and structures.

They are the ones who leave a mark in history. The world-renowned monuments were the result of their ideas and designs.

Architects are in great demand their work covers every field. They provide a roof for every business to nurture and grow. And those unique designs set, stand out and act as a signature.

With manmade wonders getting ahead in the game, remember how the world held its breath for Burj Khalifa or how you admire the Taj Mahal. 

How they work?

Their work is varied, challenging, and brings alive the creativity in oneself. Their work is much more than just to design a building. Today they need to make ultra-modern and sustainable structures which could survive through harsh calamities and judicially make use of the resources available.

The balance between achieving modernity without being extravagant with the resources. Has recently come into fashion and the architects have gifted some remarkable structures.

Some of them are Shanghai Tower, China. The Council House 2 in Melbourne, and The Change Initiative building in UAE.

Challenges faced

With increasing population, our resources are fast exhausting. Today every architect is expected to step into the shoes of environmentalist and design structures that would require less and less energy and use readily available sources.

A job of an architect is to make a tiny space look like a universe. They are really smart people at there job who can make a difference.

A Career in Architecture

Green Buildings are the way ahead

The conventional building methods are outdated and India needs to change its ways. And having understood this our focus has shifted towards Green Buildings.

A green building is aimed at minimizing the use of water, optimizing energy resources, low waste generation, conservation of natural resources and thereby offering the occupants a healthy environment.

Government has taken initiative to add a push to this movement. Programs like LEED specifically emphasize and encourage green building concepts.

Examples of Green Buildings in India

• Suzlon One Earth, Pune.

• Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), Hyderabad.

• CII- Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad.

• Infosys Limited, Mysore.

• Infinity Benchmark, Kolkata.

Is this career for you?

If you are interested in bringing about a change in ways the society chooses to live, so this is the right path for you. And if you want to change the dynamics of using the bricks then this is your field of action.

How to start a Career in this Field?

To start a career in this field one needs to get a Bachelor Degree in Architecture. Then you need to get a degree of Masters in Design and complete an internship to kick start your career.

Give your visions and designs a shape. The word is out now and everyone is moving towards a greener lifestyle and you could be the man to serve them what they need. Give life to your ideas and design. 

At Mapaguru we firmly believe that if you want to build a career in Architecture. You will need to know if you actually like this field or not.

Do a good amount of research on this field and discuss it with people already in it. Try growing your knowledge in this field first, then plan to start a career in it.

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